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My First Book: SPARK – Unleashing Ingenuity to Solve Life Challenges and Impact Your World

It’s available here on Amazon today for free.

I have faced intense struggle in my own life. I have been stuck and unable to see alternatives for how to move forward. The truth was that in the middle of my struggle, there were all kinds of opportunities all around me that I did not perceive. I was blind to the great things that ingenuity could spark in my life.

What about you? Are you tired of living in a rut? Is it possible for life to be more than mundane? It is time to intentionally explore paths that will lead to adventure and a meaningful life.

God has so much more for us than to spin our wheels. Even in everyday activities, life can be full of the excitement of being on the edge, fearless and passionate. God has joy, hope, and a resilient peace for us, not boredom and mediocrity.

SPARK is a practical guide for unleashing ingenuity for answers to daily problems. It shows how creativity is also critical for dealing with crises. SPARK shares examples from the Bible as well as stories from the lives of creative people finding surprising, real-world solutions. SPARK provides action steps and insights for creatively moving forward in life when typical solutions have failed.

Here’s an excerpt:

Escape Over the Waters

The second book of the Bible, Exodus, describes a time when the Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for centuries. As the number of Israelites increased over the generations, the Egyptians became afraid of them. The Egyptians got a lot of slave labor out of the Israelites. After all those years, the Egyptians were scared that if there were too many Israelites, they would rise up and rebel against them. Then the Israelites might escape from Egypt, and they would lose their free work force. Finally the Egyptian king, or Pharaoh, decided all Israelite baby boys must be killed before they could grow up to be warriors. When Pharaoh could not get the Israelite midwives to murder the baby boys at birth, he commanded the Israelites to throw all newborn baby boys into the Nile River.

One mother worked to find any way that she could to protect her baby boy. For three months, she hid him at home, but she knew she could not get away with this strategy forever. I mean, babies make too much noise to be ignored. Probably inspired by the Holy Spirit, she developed a bold plan. She decided to send him over to the Egyptians so that he would be raised by them instead of letting him be drowned. But how could she get the child to an Egyptian mother safely? She wove a basket with a lid and painted it with tar. Then, carefully placing the baby in the basket, she sent it floating down the river in an area where Egyptians came to bathe.

An Egyptian princess, Pharaoh’s daughter, was there at the river with her attendants. When the princess saw the basket gliding along, she sent a maid to retrieve it. Opening the basket, she saw the baby inside. She realized immediately that it was one of the Israelite baby boys but decided to keep him as her own son. The baby’s sister, who had been carefully watching the progress of the floating basket, came forward to the princess and offered to get a woman to nurse the baby for her. The princess named the baby Moses, and this is the story of how Moses’ mother was hired to take care of her own son instead of being forced to kill him (Exodus 2).

When I think of the characteristics of Moses’ mother, I think of courage and creativity. She was risking her own life and possibly that of the rest of her family by not allowing her baby to die right after birth. Then, she came up with a strategy that saved his life. In the process, Moses ended up positioned right where God wanted him to be in order to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. As she placed her infant in the basket and gently pushed it into the water, she did not know what the outcome would be. She had to have been praying from the depths of her heart. In that moment, God was faithful to answer by rescuing her baby from a watery death and later His people from perpetual bondage.

Reading stories from the Bible and from history, it is easy to forget that these were real events that took place. The real people in these histories did not know what the outcome of their situation would be. In the middle of this crisis, a happy result was not guaranteed. All of that creativity and courage could have ended in tragedy. But, it didn’t.

Desperation drives ingenious problem solving. People in crisis are very clever. In life and death situations, people develop strategies that are both daring and brilliant. In that moment when the adrenaline is pumping, there can be profound moments of sharpened thinking when a person says, “I know exactly what I must do.”

SPARK is available here on Amazon today for free.

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