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Escaping the Grinch Trench

So which is it for you? Is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, or are you the blue Christmas type? I have been both. I still am both at times.

Yes, I really enjoy the holidays. I like eating, I like looking at lights, and I love watching kids open their presents. During my years of early adulthood, I found Christmas a little boring and pointless, but that was because I didn’t have kids yet to reawaken me to the wonder of the season.

But the holidays add a lot of stress to daily life. There are extra expenses and extra hassles (like traffic being TERRIBLE. I mean, who are all these crazed drivers out here?). There is a whole lot of extra work with trees and shopping and wrapping and concerts and pageants and even some frankincense and myrrh (although sadly not much gold).

It is easy to fall into the Grinch trap. We can end up wanting to hide out in our house and isolate ourselves. Some of us struggle with eating too much or drinking too much and feeling extra lonely.

The struggle of the holiday blues is real.

I want to encourage you during this season that you are not alone. Christmas really is all about Jesus reaching out to us in love, and there are so many people that you could reach out to.

Take a step to get out of your man cave (or woman cave) and bless someone else by helping them in some way or just by your presence. Christmas is a time of joy when we slow down and let God’s love sink into our souls, but joy is a choice. And that choice often comes in the form of serving.

Don’t get stuck in an isolated rut. Step out of that Grinch trench. Find a place to serve. You will be really glad you did.

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