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Bibles for Klingons

The modern Bible Translation movement began a hundred years ago with a young man named Cameron Townsend who went as a missionary to Guatemala to distribute Bibles. He was selling Spanish Bibles. However, he met many native people who did not read or even speak Spanish. One man said to him, “If your God is so great, why doesn’t He speak my language?” Inspired by that question, he went on to form Wycliffe Bible Translators.

The truth is that God does speak every language, but if the Bible has not been translated into a person’s language, how will they know that? Imagine not having the Bible to turn to in times of trouble. Imagine trying to grow in your faith without God’s Word. It’s not a pleasant thought.

Even Klingons (those bad guys with the foreheads with pointy ridges from Star Trek) have their own Bible translation. Yes, a Trekkie translated it. And no, Wycliffe Bible Translators was NOT involved. Frankly, I am sure it does not meet the normal, rigorous standards of translation for any real Bible translation. Linguistic and translation consultants were probably not involved. It was probably not community checked for accuracy and naturalness. No one would have looked carefully at the theology like with other translations.

But the fact remains, the Klingons have the Bible in their own language. We are talking about a fictional alien race having the Bible in their fictional language while 1,600 real languages spoken by real people are still waiting for God’s Word.

My dream is that in my lifetime, the last Bible will be completed for the last language group that needs it. There is a lot of work to be done for that vision to become a reality.

And translation is not enough. Having the Bible in our own language does not help us a great deal if we never open it. Helping people connect with God's Word is part of what we do.

The Bible changed my life, and I want to be part of making sure that every person in every language in every part of the world has the Bible in their own language.

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