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Beware the Furniture Holding You Back

I will admit that I like nice furniture as much as the next guy. I mean, what is cuter than those accent chairs with the dizzying designs that cleverly tie together every color in the room? I love those! Bright turquoise or red fabric couches, black leather armchairs, and shaggy rugs. It makes me want to shed my shoes and twirl my toes in the fibers.

But even the most elegant antiques and the coziest loveseats have their limitations.

I remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank in school. It is a heartbreaking story by any measure about a couple of Jewish families hiding from the Nazis in an attic. For me, one of the most disturbing lines in it is when Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan are fighting and yelling at each other, and he shouts, “Whose fault is it we’re here? We could’ve been safe somewhere… in America or Switzerland. But no! No! You wouldn’t leave when I wanted to. You couldn’t leave your things. You couldn’t leave your precious furniture.”

What an unspeakable tragedy! These people had been suffering living in an attic for two years with their teenage son at great risk to their hosts, and they could have avoided it all. Except for that small matter of the furniture. It eventually cost them their lives.

None of us will have to choose between our lives and our furniture. Even Mrs. Van Daan did not realize at the time that by staying with her furniture she and her family would lose their lives. But I believe that God has an adventure for us out there, and we have to be careful that we are not so distracted by our comfy couches and our gorgeous accent chairs that we miss it. We may not be choosing between our cushy recliners and our safety, but we may have to choose between coziness and an unimaginably great (although at times uncomfortable) adventure.

Sadly, many people don’t realize the hope and life there is in Christ. The real adventure with God is when we get outside of our living rooms and follow Him to places way beyond ourselves. Jesus spent plenty of time hanging out with people in their homes, but he would also walk by and say, “Follow me!” When we take that risk, we connect with Jesus and with others on a journey that is full of unexpected joy.

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