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What is the Salt Road?

Historically, there were salt roads that linked places that produced salt to places lacking it. We travelers should still bring the desperately needed spice of the gospel to the unsalted regions. As we walk this journey of life, we should be sprinkling it everywhere we travel on everyone we meet.

The human body cannot survive without salt. It plays a crucial role in our health. Our soul cannot live without a flavourful infusion of hope.

The Salt Road is the path we take in following Jesus wholeheartedly. It is a narrow road. Often it is a rough, overgrown footpath. Walking with Jesus is a journey that lasts all our lives and into eternity.

These thoughts are about the journey and how we can spice things up along the way.



About the Traveler

 My name is Lynley Hatcher, and I’ve been a wife, a mom, and a missionary for almost two decades.   I found out a long time ago that life can be brutal. When our son was diagnosed with autism, I felt like  my world came crashing down around me. I didn’t know if I would ever recover, and the truth is it took  years to see the grace of God in the darkness. But God is stronger than anything life can throw at us,  and His love never fails.

My husband, Tim, and I have served with  Wycliffe Bible Translators for most of my adult life, and my  passion is for the Bibleless people of the world to be able to engage with God’s Word in transformative ways. Real life change. It is what God has done for me, and I wouldn’t want to be stingy.

For the last several years, I have also been involved in recovery ministry as well. God has helped me through some gritty issues, and now I get to serve Him through listening to others’ stories, leading groups, and training other leaders. The highlight for me is taking international trips to train pastors to lead alcohol and drug addiction recovery groups as well as training missionaries to take recovery all over the world.

The human body cannot survive without salt.

About the Salt Road

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